-I’ve been working with Singer Instrument Company helping them design their new office and assembly space in Somerset.

-The shell was designed by Louise Crossman Architects, a local firm.

-Singer make complex laboratory equipment. There is a culture of making and manufacturing.

-As a family business they took great pride and interest in the new wing.

-Those involved in the delivering the project will use the project when its finished. Its been a crucial but often overlooked approach.

-The project was designed with change and flexibility in mind. It’s satisfying to know that your work will have a long life.

-There was a good balance between ambition and pragmatism. We were creating a space that would work for the long term.

-There was a wider context to the project. Many local people work for the company. Singer plays an important role in the local economy.

-Much of the work was done by local trades people. You could argue they all had a stake in the quality of the finished result. They didn’t disappoint.

-Singer geared up within the business for the project. They knew that it would require significant internal effort on their part to successfully deliver the project.

-A great project that should see the successful evolution of a unique company.

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