Could you invite your best customers around to your house?

Would you still seem the same person to them?

Could you be sure there were no hidden secrets they didn’t already know?

Could you avoid putting on a show and just be yourself?

Is it always like this at your place?

Would they have the freedom to go wherever they want because you have nothing to hide?

Is what they see in public the same thing they see in private?

Here at your place can you give them something more?

Can they see what ideas make you tick?

Can they see the books and inspiration that drive you?

And the other passions that are your escape?

Can they see the issues that you care about?

Can they see the back-story of your life to this point, both good and bad?

If they interact with your wider family, do they get the same story?

And do they see in that family, the values and vision they know you for?

Here in your home, can they feel at home too?

If the answer is yes to all of this.

Then that’s the sort of place your customers would like to spend some time.

Its also the sort of space your business should inhabit.

Can you create a home for your brand or company?

In the same way you do for your family.

This is probably the future of successful commercial space.

Spaces with a true identity.

With the imprint of your own humanity and vision.

This is what your customer wants to see.

Its what will make their trip worthwhile.

Yes, commercial buildings and spaces are mechanisms for delivering your product or service.

But they also tell customers a whole lot about you.

And these customers now want the real you.

In a space they can see could only be yours.

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