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Behind the scenes of Remodel

Your Story

‘Back-of-House’ is a theatre term. It describes all the stuff behind the set. The thought, production, design, rehearsals, the practice. All this creates the show. The finished article.

The same idea applies to your commercial space. Increasingly customers are interested in the back story, not just the result. As a maths teacher might say, ‘show your workings’. The essence of your company. The vision you have for serving your customers.

They want to figure out if they can like you. Love you even. They want to peer beyond the gloss and polish. We can help you tell your story.

A reason to visit

Interiors have to respond to how the web opens up the conversation with customers. Conversations after all, are a two way street.

The ‘marketing’ interior of the past can seem fake today. Too unbelievable. Too synthetic. We like to bring what was once considered back-of-house into front-of-house, and use your unique story to set you apart.

This makes customers need to come and see you. For the experience and interaction. For the chance to ask you questions and figure out what’s right for them. Make their trip to see you worth it.

Our Backstory

We take a lot of photographs.
We are just as interested in the before and after.
As in the finished project.
Its how we have learned to get under the skin of a business.
To find out whats behind the set.
To understand its unique story.
A story thats needs telling in space.


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