Change and Time

Two Speeds

You need to move fast

Business can’t wait. It has to deliver new ideas and invent what will be next. Evolution is a constant. Nothing is static.

We accept this as a given. Its how businesses stay alive. We allow for an interior to evolve so there is a real return on the investment. Redesigning buildings anticipates a future for a space, but also other potential outcomes.

We look at the business model of our clients and dig deep into how they will create their revenue. Very often there are a number of scenarios that can develop as the business evolves. We are careful to make sure there is room for manoeuvre if the business case changes.

So when change does come along, how can your space adapt? Working with start-ups in the early years of Remodel, we learned a lot about how resistant buildings to modification.

Your space must keep up

Our aim with those early projects was to anticipate a point in the future of that business when things would stabilise enough in their use of space. We might predict;

‘this business will eventually be a retailer, but with other services including a cafe and booking office’, or;

‘this business will be transformed from a cafe into a retail offer over a period of 5 years’ or;

‘this space will be a luxury holiday let, but might develop to offer higher density bunk accommodation within 3 years’

No business can have it 100% right from the start. Some lateral thinking at the start can save a small fortune later.


Built for Change

Stewart Brand once said;
‘A building is not something you finish. Its something you start’
‘All buildings are predictions, all predictions are wrong’
Fforest farm is a good example of how this plays out.
At its core the business and the farm have remained as designed.
But over the years its offer and customer base has changed.
So too has the way it uses its buildings.
Tweaks and changes transform the design at its edges.
Its important not to be too precious. Its important to build for change.


Finished Projects

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