Mostly in the world of commercial interior design and architecture, you are limited to what you can draw, set down on paper, quantify and schedule.

Obviously, this is the only way any building work can be costed, and it takes time to produce this information.

There is a real skill in bringing the identity of a design concept and the vision of the client through in the final scheme.

Its a battle to preserve the character of the design. To stop it getting lost in the paperwork and bureaucracy of the process.

Increasingly, the magic I see in completed building design comes from owner/builders, that control their own project, and even their own contracting team.

Here is where you see spaces and places that have a soul, and an identity.

As it happens, this was the only way to approach the latest work we are doing with Fforest over in West Wales.

Here we are developing a complex piece of landscaping using difficult to work with materials, dealing with many levels changes, and all the time seeking to make these old building accessible to all.

We tried a few times to draw our intent, but frankly it was too difficult to make it work in either standard CAD layouts or 3D visualising.

In the end the scheme progressed with a series of sketches by both myself and the client which slowly directed the site work so it hangs together as a scheme.

I know that if we had turned up at site with a finished drawing it would have been flawed in many ways.

This might be counter to the accepted way of directing a building project in the commercial world, but it won’t be news to self builders of residential projects were an intimacy with the build is a given.

I also can’t think of a big commercial project I’ve worked on where there hasn’t been some sort improvisation at points despite what you might believe.

Change doesn’t wait for a design process to run its course. Sometimes you have to respond to what is in front of you instead of drive some abstract intent on a drawing.

The site is now nearing completion, in readiness to receive guests for the Do Lectures coming up at the end of this month. Its also a great wedding venue for Fforest.

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