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It was eight years ago that I started working with James Lynch.

I’ve worked on many projects with him but not much on this one as it happens. James and his architect Niall Maxwell penned the scheme for this development back in 2006.

But there’s another reason for wanting to talk about this area Fforest Farm here.

I took these shots the other weekend while down in Cardigan for the Do Lectures.

The Bwythyn complex was the first area of the farm to be completed eight years ago.

I was struck by how the original project and then maybe 5 to 6 other subsequent ones (some of which we have worked on) have slowly embedded this complex of buildings and structures into the landscape.

When you think that this compound started life as a sad concrete bungalow……

Its never looked better than it did on this day, set up for a couples weekend wedding celebration.

It takes this long to fully establish a project into its context. It has the rooted feeling of something that’s been there a long time. Its quirks and problems have been ironed out.

Its use as a wedding venue was not really part of the original business plan, but having been designed in a loose fit way, it stills works very well.

Ok, the weather isn’t always this good in West Wales, but when it is, this is a magic place to be.

Its established itself.


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