Some thoughts on Evolution and Buildings;

Evolution is what happens to structures and their spaces after they are built.

Evolution is the messy reality of building use.

Evolution is the gentle progressive modification of space

Evolution is almost never on the agenda of designers when they look at building design. They primarily design to a specification that is written for now, not the future.

Evolution is the thing that makes buildings feel alive, loved and useful.

Evolution is the flow of life and commerce through our buildings.

Evolution naturally selects structures that support our lives flexibly and makes extinct those that force use in a particular way.

Evolution is what happens when people reclaim building design from the ranks of professional designers intent on so called ‘timeless’ perfection.

Evolution allows us all to take part in the shaping of our built environment.

Evolution is a practical endeavour. It is not ‘art’ as some designers would have you believe.

Evolution is about change through time. It’s inevitable and lovely.

What if we could design spaces that embrace change, encourage it and promote innovative use? We really might learn something then.

This blog was inspired by and for my customers. Many represent start-up businesses. Some are entrepreneurs who want to change their industry or company. I wanted to write about them and their high turnover commercial spaces, which have proved fine case studies for understanding change in buildings.

Building Evolution is not a manifesto or a master-plan. Its not an all encompassing idea to be flogged to death to make some intellectual point. Its a commentary on building design through the eyes of my customers. It describes their needs, visions, ideas, failures and victories in making space work.

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