I popped into Cardigan last week to see my friends at fforest Outdoor and howies. I always go to the howies shop in Bridge Warehouse alongside the Teifi to see how its going.

A couple of years ago I had some input into the design along with others, and the furniture I designed for the Bristol store was used for display and merchandising.

I’ve seen this shop start off in a fairly rudimentary way and slowly grow into its building, finding a confidence that only comes from having the space and time to settle in.

Over the months new ideas have been prototyped. The layout is always shifting, and pieces of furniture are added or taken away. Its a work in progress that gets better every time I go.

It makes me think about how interior design, and all design, should be open ended and allow for someone else to take ownership. Someone with a different perspective and new ideas.

It also makes me think about being a designer. About how precious the skill of being able to let go of your ideas is, and how great the stuff is that happens when someone else takes those ideas and runs with them.

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