Photos in architectural design are very deceptive. I often visit places I’ve seen in magazines and almost don’t recognise them.

I’m am pretty tired of seeing manicured shots with no people, no life, and no insight into how that space is actually working out for its new owners.

Remodel has been working  on the renovation of a family living room in West Wales. I thought it might be good to show how its actually being used.

Formerly two rooms, the spaces were linked to create one big space. The cellular spaces of the old house were no longer appropriate. The family needed a room they could split to create pockets of space for different activites.

In this way they can stay together, but still do separate things if they want.

I think these photos, that I took after arriving unannounced tell a good story about how the design has worn. Who said interior design photos don’t convey real life?

I’ll let others be the judge.

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