Hiut Denim

Made in Wales

Hiut Denim

We were asked by Hiut to design their factory space. Manufacturers now have a direct access to niche markets through the web.

Hiut makes crafted jeans from the best denim they can source and ships them globally to customers who prize an outstanding product. The factory is an example of how a selling space need not be a shop. It’s a great example of how exposing your operations can tell your story. The provenance of the raw material, the manufacturing process, the design, the attention to detail that goes into these jeans. It’s all there to see.

If you can tell your story well through the web and in other ways, you can bypass traditional retail channels and get your product directly into the hands of your customer. It can be a much more powerful connection. Here then we find our interior design skills are needed upstream from the traditional retail space.

What was considered ‘back-of-house’ in theatre speak and beyond view of the audience, is now ‘front-of-house’ and so in the customers domain.

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