Singer Instrument Company

Manufacturing Facility

Singer Instrument Company

Remodel has helped Singer Instrument Company design the fit-out elements of their new office and assembly building in Somerset.

Singer produces complex laboratory equipment. There is a culture of making and manufacturing. As a family business they invested a lot of themselves in their project. Those involved in delivering the project will use the spaces when finished. The project was designed with change and flexibility in mind so the spaces will have a long life regardless of how the business operates.

The focus was on warmth in terms of materials and finishes, and precise attention given to the details of junctions and services design. This reflected well given the fact that this is a science business, but with a very human edge.

The wider context to this project is that many local people work for the company. Singer plays an important role in the economy of the area. Much of the work was done by local trades people who you could argue all had a stake in the quality of the finished result. They didn’t disappoint. A great project that should see the successful evolution of a unique company.

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