Pure Barefoot Technology


Vivobarefoot, the original barefoot shoe company, continues to establish themselves on the high street. It’s been an exciting and educational experience working in this new area of footwear design.

The company has a patented 3mm puncture resistant sole, and to wear their shoes there’s a bit of re-training required in terms of how to move, walk and hold posture without the artificial cushioning of traditional outsoles.

This process obviously goes way beyond just selling a shoe. There is a dialogue that happens before, during and well after the point of purchase. The barefoot concept can be a complex and difficult proposition. There’s lots to take in and learn. The ideas and concepts behind skilled movement need to be delivered clearly so the messages are simple and direct. In many cases a coaching session is required on a treadmill.

The customer experiences a one-to-one with a member of the store team, who is a fully trained barefoot movement coach. As the company moves forward, the space will develop, evolving with the product and its customers. For now though, it’s a stripped out space, reflecting the market position of the products. Simple minimal footwear in a space that allows clear stories to be told.

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