Space with Depth

A comfortable place to be


Commercial space fails often because it doesn’t have depth and meaning for people. It can be a superficial experience.

We talk a lot about ‘home’ as the opposite of commercial space. Not in the sense of how it looks, but how it feels. At home you have layers of the following;

– Things from your life, collected over time.
– Memories of family and friends, experiences and celebrations.
– The knowledge of the improvements you’ve gradually made over the years.
– How the place changes through your life, the years, seasons and days.
– The security that you know that building well. You have a routine that’s familiar.

We also find these these qualities elsewhere, anywhere in fact where a place, a neighbourhood or a building has had time to settle. Time to grow its own unique qualities. Time to grow layers.

So our biggest task with commercial space is to create a canvas where we can start the process of building layers. Some will be present from the start. Others come later.

Setting the scene

The canvas is the base on which to build. Sometimes we are lucky. We get a historic building with a past, features, and a story of its own. The first layer is already in place. A good start.

We can’t rely on this though. Plenty of commercial real estate is new build, of plasterboard and steel. Either way, your space can grow layers.

Once we’ve understood our client and their business, there is always a story we can tell that is rich and compelling. Perhaps it has to do with a company culture, the way they design and develop their product, or the how their people work together and interact.

There is always something unique that customers know a business well for. Onto this we can work in new ideas based around display, service, space use and workflow. Slowly we build the layers of meaning and depth.

We also look at what’s around the corner. Maybe an expansion, a change in personnel, a new way of selling to customers, an office move. Other layers to consider. Other things that will make the design approach unique.

A space with layers

We visit Prologue Performance Cycling often to see what works.
We talk with customers to get their thoughts.
One of them said, ‘Its just a comfortable place to be’.
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.
Its people that understand the true health of a space.


Prologue Performance Cycling

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