Its been a long summer of hard graft, hence the last post being in April. I did get away on holiday once and managed to find the time at least to think about the blog, even though its taken me until now act on that thought.

Readers in Pembrokshire will recognise the building above, the Tafarn Sinc in Rosebush. Its a familiar haunt for my family, well the Welsh half at least.

Vernacular buildings are often of the place, built using local materials, techniques and traditions so the Tafarn Sinc has always intrigued me.

You usually see the veranda building type in tropical climates, where its extended roof-line shades windows, provides cooler outdoor living space and allows separation from the ground promoting airflow under the building.

The appalling weather we had during our week convinced me this building type can also work well for a wet British summer, allowing covered outdoor space and a connection to the landscape. A place to be outside without fully committing to the elements.

Perhaps some building types can translate across climates and cultures. I’d love to see a new housing development with veranda’s promoting street side living, with residents out on the street. Better than the dingy hallway surely.

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