Patagonia Workshop

Apple Garage

Yvon Chouinard, Tin Shed, Ventura CA, 2008

Here’s where Apple and Patagonia came from.

The garage and the workshop. These spaces where the incubators for the next great businesses.

As Stuart Brand has said about these low road buildings, nobody cares what you do in them.

Implying you are much more free to create.

Don’t be afraid to show people where you’ve come from.

For all the polish of a brand, its still important to show the humble beginnings.

Both Apple and Patagonia are proud of their roots. Its a compelling strand of their brand for those that want to delve a bit deeper.

Customers want to know about the struggle.

The squiggly line that you took to get where you are.

This story is your unique history.

One that nobody else has.

You own this. Perhaps one of the few things you really will ever own.

Your fingerprint.

Tell people about it.

So they understand what it is that makes you interesting.

If you think you don’t have a story like this then look harder.

It will be there.

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